Why BB?

Why BB

From its inception, The Bullion Brothers have been focused on one thing: bringing precious metals to the everyday, blue-collar audience.

We are stackers first and foremost. We know the thrill of finding a great deal, and the frustration of paying too much. We scour wholesale deals daily to make sure you’re stacking maximum weight for your money. You can rest assured knowing that we understand what it is like on both sides of the counter, and will always treat every customer in the way that we would expect to be treated ourselves.

We Pride ourselves in:

  • Combining an outstanding selection with a personal touch. 
  • Treating every investor like our VIP customers, regardless of your investment size. 
  • No upsells, no gimmicks, and no subscriptions
  • A streamlined online business using the latest technologies in the industry
  • With the tightest margins, it brings you the most wealth for your dollar.
  • Ensuring all gold purchased through us is protected with an AirTite capsule

Why Stackers Choose Bullion Brothers

Our community of stackers knows that we are buying in large enough volumes to offer a wide variety, and we’re still small enough to care about your unique stacking strategy – we accept and hunt down requests for any numismatics, vintage, collectibles, and other rarities. 

For any special requests, please contact us

BullionBucks Reward Program

Bullion Brother is proud to announce our BullionBucks reward program! Earn points for every purchase made throughout the site to use on discounts towards future purchases!

To earn BullionBucks, you must have an account registered and be logged in for the transaction.

For every dollar spent on any product throughout the website, you will earn 20 BullionBucks.  On checkout, you can exchange 10,000 BullionBucks for $1 credit towards your purchase.

BullionBuck balances are recorded in the profile tab under “My Bullionbucks”.

BullionBucks never expire, so you don’t have to worry about your rewards going to waste!

Here is what our customers say about us...

Perry Dawn
Perry Dawn
Out of Stock
“As a new stacker, they helped by answering my questions and making me feel welcome. I couldn’t imagine a better community to start with and I refer to my friends now.”
Out of Stock
“Hey. I just wanted you to know that I received my package today. It was extremely well packed and it was absolutely perfect. You guys never cease to amaze me. I'm not exactly sure how you keep up with everything but you are doing a fantastic job. I try to spread the word about you wherever I can. Thanks again!”
Scott G, Berserker Bullion
Scott G, Berserker Bullion
Out of Stock
“I was a tiny shop when I first started out and was invited to the IML. I was thrilled at the variety of products offered but focused on what I was after; a .999 silver shot. I was so small that I thought ordering 20oz made me a big dog. Not only have I been able to support a small business, but that small business has given me advice that has allowed me to grow—going from doing 150 oz a month to over two thousand per month and growing! The IML was the first dealer to take a chance on my shop and it means the world to me. The growth is impressive, but the best part is I’ve made some fantastic friends that think just like me. Friends with that I can share ideas or ask questions. When joining the IML and buying with Bullion Brother you aren’t just buying from another shop, you are joining a community.”