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The Pegasus is one of the most recognizable creatures from Greek mythology. Depicted as an immortal winged horse (generally white in color), this divine creature has been a source of inspiration for many centuries to artists, poets, musicians, and writers.

Archaic Greek mythology tells the tale of the Pegasus as the offspring of Poseidon (god of the seas) and the gorgon Medusa. The divine winged horse sprang forth from the neck of Medusa after being beheaded by the hero Perseus.

The name Pegasus comes from the Greek word “pegae”, which means “springs”. The white flying horse was the son of Poseidon, born near the Ocean, and had the ability to create water springs wherever his hoof struck.

The winged stallion, naturally wild and free, was tamed after the efforts of the mortal hero Bellerophon. Bellerophon was victorious in many battles with the aid of Pegasus, consumed by power and arrogance, he decided mortals were not worthy of his presence and started riding the flying horse towards the high skies of Mount Olympus to live amongst the gods. Angered by the hubris of Bellerophon, the god Zeus struck him to fall from the horse to his death.

The Pegasus kept riding towards the skies, where he was stabled by Zeus and had a constellation named after him. This is where fiction meets reality, to this date there is a constellation named after the Pegasus.