1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar – Cull

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The Morgan silver dollar has a storied past as one of the most famous coins in bullion history. Following the Bland-Allison act of 1873, the United States government mandated that the treasury purchase two to four million dollars worth of silver bullion every month. That silver was subsequently minted into the legal tender in the form of silver dollars, designed by George T. Morgan.

Held on the obverse side, is the left-facing bust of Lady Liberty, redesigned in the image of an American citizen, Anna Willess Williams. All the distinguishing features of the bust are apparent, from her “Liberty” cap to the thirteen stars that encircle her with “E Pluribus Unum” or “Of many one” is written boldly above her head.

The reverse portrays the national bird of the United States; the bald eagle with splayed wings as it clutches a bundle of arrows in its left talon and an olive branch in its right. The country of issue, the $1 denominational value and the nation’s motto, “In God we trust” featured above.

These Morgan Silver Dollars are circulated and condition will vary between coins.