1/4oz 2023 Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark

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The famous, biblical story of Noah’s Ark comes to life on this exquisite silver coin. The Book of Genesis recounts how Noah saved two of every animal (one male and one female), from 40 days and 40 nights of disastrous flooding. When the rain stopped, the ark emerged on Mount Ararat. Although they are now located in eastern Turkey, for hundreds of years those mountains were part of Armenia. Many Armenians consider themselves direct descendants of one of Noah’s grandsons. Honor this biblical history with the 2023 Armenia 1/4 oz Noah’s Ark Silver Coin!

The obverse displays the Armenian Coat of Arms surrounded by several inscriptions.

The reverse features a detailed depiction of Noah’s ark floating through the water near Mount Ararat. The sun is rising overhead and a dove carries an olive branch towards the ark.