5oz Elemetal Silver Freedom Bar

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The Freedom Statue 5 oz Silver Bar is far from your boring silver bar. This very unique design is beautiful in .999 fine silver.  The result is this stunning silver bar that is great for collectors and investors alike. This is the first time the Freedom Statue has appeared on bullion silver.

The obverse side of this bar has Chuck Daughtry’s version of Thomas Crawford’s statue of Freedom that sits atop the Capitol Building. She is seen holding the flag. On her head is a headdress of eagle feathers with stars around it. A ribbon with stars and stripes and ‘FREEDOM’ hangs from the flag’s pole. On the top right is written ‘.999 FINE SILVER  5 OZ TROY’.

On the reverse of the bar is a diamond-like design on the top right. Under this are the atomic number and chemical sign from the periodic table of the elements ‘47 Ag Silver’. Under this is the atomic mass, ‘ 107.8682’, and its electron configuration, ‘Kr] 4d¹⁰5s¹’.