1/2oz KOMSCO Silver Chiwoo Doggaebi Stacker

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The creature known as Doggaebi is a legendary figure from Korean mythology and folklore. Similar to the hobgoblins of Western cultures, Doggaebi are considered natural deities or spirits with special powers. One the most important characteristics of the Doggaebi is the ability to ward off evil spirits. In use in everyday life, effigies of Doggaebi were once hung from the roofing tiles of homes to protect the house and its occupants from evil.

Doggaebi are first mentioned in tales and other stories written during the period of Goryeo rule on the Korean peninsula. The Goryeo was a kingdom that dominated the Korean peninsula starting in 918. The Goryeo rose to power during a period known as the Later Three Kingdoms, a time of divisive rule on the peninsula. The Goryeo dynasty was the first to unify control of the Korean peninsula under one kingdom.

The 1/2oz Doggaebi Silver Stackers are formed in the shape of Chiwoo Cheonwang’s battle shield. The shield shape of the stacker has a rounded top with straight sides and a half-moon cutout at the bottom of the shield. On the primary face of the Doggaebi Silver Stacker is a depiction of the grotesque figure with his snarling smile, flared nostrils, horns, and large eyes staring at the holder. The stackable design of the 1/2oz Doggaebi Silver enables you to stack one of these silver bullion items directly on top of another, offering secure stacking in the process.