1oz 2022 Gibralter Silver Lady Justice

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Our Lady Justice series is now available! Initially launched in 2021, investor demand was so great that the entire 2021 mintage sold out within just a few months of release. We’re brought back the entire program for 2022, striking a 1 oz Silver BU, Silver Antique, Gold BU and 1/10th oz Gold BU.

The figure of Lady Justice has been struck into coinage throughout world history, with one of the earliest examples appearing in the Roman Empire around 100 AD. The ideal of pure, impartial justice is timeless, and a concept people have sought, debated, and fought to preserve over the timeline of humanity.

The obverse of each coin features a classic engraving of Lady Justice, blindfolded and holding a sword in her right hand, and scales in her left. The Latin phrase “fides et justitia” accompanies the artwork. The reverse bears the Gibraltar Coat of Arms (beautiful artwork in its own right) as well as weight, purity, content, and denomination value.