1oz Washington Constitutional Carry Copper Round

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The Constitutional Open Carry Series is produced by Patriot Coins, a private minting company based in the United States. This is the third design in the collection, with previous states featured in the series including Ohio and Texas. Patriot Coins releases three versions of each design: silver, silver antique, and copper. The series aim is to honor those states that allow for permitless open carry.

The obverse face of 1 oz Constitutional Open Carry Copper Rounds features a female figure wielding a pair of firearms. In this design, she is depicted with flowing hair, a decorative Tricorn hat, and a traditional coat. Other details include a row of bullets along the rounds edge. Inscriptions are also included along the rim that read GUNS, LIBERTY, COFFEE.

On the reverse of 1 oz Washington Copper Rounds you will see the official Constitutional Open Carry emblem. At the center, there is a heraldic eagle as you would see on the countrys national seal. However, the image has been modified, with the bird carrying firearms in its talons rather than the traditional olive branch and arrows. Furthermore, the shield upon its chest reads 2nd Amendment. Inscriptions are included on the reverse also that CONSTITUTIONAL OPEN CARRY, ONE AV OZ .999 COPPER