1oz Safety in Numbers Planes & Tanks Copper Round

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The obverse design features three fighter planes and four tanks. PLANES + TANKS and SAFETY IN NUMBERS are engraved.

The reverse showcases the Safety in Numbers emblem, featuring a family and a fist, protected by a shield with the phrase PROTECT THE FUTURE engraved at the top. REAL METAL – REAL VALUE are additionally engraved across the bottom.

The primary theme behind the Safety in Numbers series is to encourage families to prepare now in order to be ready for future crises. Additionally, it stresses the importance of investing in precious metals and creating a stockpile, tools which may very well be helpful in the event of a future emergency or troublesome situation.

Specifically, the Planes and Tanks round promotes the strength and effective military of the United States. Living in a first world country provides many Americans with the luxury of being protected by a well-armed military. Planes and tanks are among those resources used to prevent both foreign and domestic attacks.