1oz 2023 American Gold Buffalo

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Gold Buffalo coins have been produced by the United States Mint since 2006 after the passing of the American Buffalo Coin Act. The Gold Buffalo Coin obverse, or “heads” side, design was originally used on James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head nickel in 1913. Since this made the coin very popular with collectors, it has been used as a symbol for American currency ever since its initial release. The Gold Buffalo Coin reverse, or “tails” side, features an American Buffalo. The buffalo depicted is believed to be based on Black Diamond who lived at New York City’s Central Park Zoo in the early 20th century.

Gold Buffalos are a Gold investment with high purity and Gold content, meaning they can be sold at a higher price than Gold prices themselves. Gold Buffalos also have beautiful designs that make them perfect for Gold collectors or Gold dealers to sell or buy from others who collect Gold items such as coins or bars.