1/2oz 2022 Mexican Proof Gold Libertad

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The Mexican Libertad gold bullion coin has enduring popularity among investors looking to diversify their holdings with a unique and well-designed coin. The Mexican Libertads consist of silver and gold coins that are minted in extremely low quantities when compared to other bullion coins. This factor increases both demand and premiums. In addition to their low mintage, the attractive design of the winged victory statue adds a collectibility aspect that can be appreciated by numismatists as well, ensuring that this is a sound purchase for investment for multiple reasons.

The Proof Gold Libertad was first produced in 1989 in a 1/2 oz size, but was not produced again until 2005. While Gold Libertads in Brilliant Uncirculated finishes already have quite low mintages, the Proof variants tend to have even lower mintages. The limited mintages, which vary annually, add to the collectibility of the coins. Finding them in the market can also be difficult due to their scarcity.