Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coin

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Denmark is one of the few European nations that did not adopt the Euro currency of the European Union’s Eurozone. The Kroner is currently the official currency of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, and has been Denmark’s primary currency since 1875. Kroner coinage predates the 1875 adoption of the currency though.

Each of the 20 Kroner Gold Coins in this listing comes from the Kingdom of Denmark. The coins are available to you inside of protective plastic and contain .900 gold content. While the Kroner was only made the official currency of Denmark in 1875, Kroner coins were struck in Denmark as early as the 17th century. These specific 20 Kroner Danish Gold Coins were issued between 1873 and 1931.

The obverse side of these 20 Kroner Gold Coins includes the effigy of one of three successive Kings of Denmark. The most common design is that of King Christian IX of Denmark. He reigned as King from 1863 to 1906 and his effigy is typically depicted in right-profile relief with engravings Danish of his name and “Konge af Danmark,” or “King of Denmark.”

The least common design on the obverse of 20 Kroner Danish Gold Coins is the portrait of Frederick VIII. The son of Christian IX, Frederick VIII was 62 when he ascended to the throne and reigned for just six years until his death in 1912. His portrait is typically featured in left-profile relief.

From 1912 until the end of the production cycle in 1931, 20 Kroner Gold Coins featured the right-profile portrait of King Christian X of Denmark. Christian X was the son of Frederick VIII and grandson of Christian IX. His reign extended from his father’s death in 1912 beyond the end of the coining of these 20 Kroner Gold Coins to his own death in 1947.

The reverse side of the 20 Kroner Danish Gold Coin includes the royal arms of Denmark. Gold coins from the reign of Frederick VIII and Christian X are similar and include the royal arms with date mark, denomination, and any possible mint marks below the arms. The coins of Christian IX have a reverse design that features a female figure similar to Liberty sitting on or next to a bundle of wheat.