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  • 1/10oz 2023 American Gold Eagle

    as low as $238.94

    As the smallest of all the American Gold Eagle coins, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are the easiest and best way for many types of people to enjoy all the benefits of investing in gold. All US Mint Gold Eagle coins minted prior to the introduction of the Type 2 in 2021 show a stunningly…

  • 100g Valcambi Silver CombiBar (100x1g)

    as low as $151.64

    CombiBars offer an exceptional investment value, as well as a practical one. Each 100 g CombiBar is manufactured with accurate predetermined breaking points, therefore making each smaller 1 g increment in perfect condition and without any loss of material. This makes it possible to sell only a portion of your 100 g bar. BAR HIGLIGHTS…

  • 1oz 2015 Chinese Silver Panda

    as low as $35.45

    As a native of the mountainous regions of central China, the Panda Bear is universally loved. Their herbivorous, non-threatening nature, unique look, and playfulness all contribute to the perception of an extremely amiable, easy-going, and fun creature. It is no wonder that the Panda has been the feature of China’s bullion productions since its initial…

  • 1oz Prospector Gem and Gold Silver Logo Bar

    as low as $28.70

    Enhance your collection with this 1oz Hand Poured Silver bar from Prospector Gem and Gold! Poured locally in Colorado, this bar pays homage to Colorado’s roots in prospecting and mining for Gold and Silver! This small silver bar features the logo for Prospector Gem and Gold on the obverse, with a flat unmarked reverse.