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  • 10oz .50 Caliber Silver Bullet

    as low as $367.01

    Each 10 oz Silver Bullet is made from 999 pure silver and is modeled after the ammunition for the .50 Browning Machine Gun. The bullet is 128 mm tall and 20.5 mm in diameter. The .50 BMG round was created for use in the Browning Machine Gun before World War I before its use in…

  • 10oz Asahi Silver Bar

    as low as $267.01

    As a globally recognized and internationally respected institution, Asahi mint is recognized for its commitment to clean, efficient, and sustainable metal extraction and its sleekly designed bullion offerings. The mint’s innovative production techniques, such as using x-ray fluorescence to ensure consistent metal purity, laser-cut, crisp engraving, and unique frost-finished bullion, have garnered the mint a…

  • 10oz Assorted Silver Bar

    as low as $263.51

    A great option for anyone looking for the lowest price on precious metals and diversifying their collection. If you are looking for value and design isn’t a concern, this may be the best option available. We randomly select a 10 oz silver bar from our vast collection of items crafted at the most trusted mints…

  • 10oz Engelhard Big-E Pressed Silver Bar

    as low as $309.00

    Since the development of the physical silver investment market in the early 1970s, Engelhard silver bars have been among the more popular silver bars because Engelhard Mint is a major player in the precious metals industry. The first Engelhard silver bars were poured bars. As demand grew, however, Engelhard went to an extrusion process, which…

  • 10oz Geiger Square Silver Bar

    as low as $297.01

    Geiger Edelmetalle is one of the foremost producers of silver precious metals in the world today. Its products have a long reputation for quality and beauty, and with added security features introduced in recent years, Geiger silver for sale is among the most secure against counterfeiting. Geiger has recently increased the security features of its…

  • 10oz Mason Mint Silver Morgan Bar

    as low as $265.01

    George T. Morgan is famously known as the seventh Chief Engraver at the US Mint. When Morgan designed the Liberty on his Morgan silver dollar, it was actually inspired by a real living woman named Anna Willess Williams, a local school teacher in Philadelphia. Intrigued by her striking appearance, George believed Anna had the perfect…

  • 10oz NTR Metals Silver Bar

    as low as $264.01

    Texas-based NTR Metals with their headquarters in Dallas is one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world. Their dedication to continued quality and superior design makes them a standout precious metals company. The 10 oz NTR Silver Bar is in brand new condition and is a fine example of NTR’s workmanship. The 10…

  • 10oz RCM Silver Bar

    as low as $272.01

    Royal Canadian Mint silver bars combine quality and purity with the enhanced security of a meticulously reeded edge and a serial number unique to each bar. The 10 oz silver bars are the latest release by RCM and are equipped with various security features like the serrated edges similar to the coins. Each individual bar…

  • 10oz Royal Mint Silver Britannia Bar

    as low as $269.01

    These striking silver bars from the Royal Mint feature a refreshingly modern take on the beloved Britannia figure, who symbolizes British strength, liberty and unity. Although the history of the Britannia figure spans more than 2000 years, this is the first Britannia themed bar to be released by the Royal Mint. Celebrate the enduring strength,…

  • 10oz Scottsdale Silver Archangel

    as low as $290.01

    Archangel Michael is most often thought of as the angel of protection and the most powerful of all the angels. Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Celebrate this victory over evil with the new 10 oz Archangel Michael silver bar!…

  • 10oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

    as low as $265.01

    The 10 troy ounce Sunshine Mint Silver Bar is .999 fine Silver and has had it’s weight and fineness certified by Sunshine Minting, Inc. The reverse side of this bullion bar features Sunshine Minting’s MINT MARK SI™ security seal. Place the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens (sold separately) over the MINT MARK SI™ security seal and the word “VALID” will appear at…

  • 10oz Unity and Liberty Silver Bar

    as low as $267.01

    Obverse The obverse of the Liberty & Unity Silver Bullion bar features a modern Lady Liberty holding the American Flag in one hand and a sword in the other. Also present on this side is a banner bearing the inscription, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and a shield inscribed with, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Intricate micro-engraving fills…

  • Engelhard 10oz P-Loaf Silver Bar

    as low as $350.00

    Engelhard silver bars are vintage products that are no longer in production, and their cast bars are very popular with collectors and investors because of the rich history associated with the brand and the quality of its products. Bullion Exchanges offers you the rare opportunity to own these bars today! These 10 oz Engelhard Cast…