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  • 10oz Mason Mint Silver Morgan Bar

    as low as $265.01

    George T. Morgan is famously known as the seventh Chief Engraver at the US Mint. When Morgan designed the Liberty on his Morgan silver dollar, it was actually inspired by a real living woman named Anna Willess Williams, a local school teacher in Philadelphia. Intrigued by her striking appearance, George believed Anna had the perfect…

  • 1oz Mason Mint Silver “The Hunter”

    as low as $26.70

    Mason Mint’s “The Hunter” offers a new take on iconic buffalo imagery, celebrating the legacy of the Tribes of the Great Plains that made bison the foundation for their way of life. From the Blackfoot in the North to Commanche in the South, buffalo meant existence; food, clothing, shelter – the noble bison provided for…

  • 1oz Mason Mint Silver Indian Head

    as low as $26.70

    The “Indian Head” Design 1 oz Silver Round recreates the famous “Indian Head” design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, but in silver form. This round is made in the U.S.A., and is struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Part of the Classic Design series of silver rounds offered by Gainesville Coins, this beautiful round…

  • 1oz Mason Mint Silver Patriot: American Revolution

    as low as $26.70

    Celebrate the historic valor and liberty-loving spirit of the American Revolution with the exclusive new Patriot Silver Round from Mason Mint! This .999 fine silver round is the first of three original designs for the PATRIOT Series. The second and third designs honor the forces of the United States of World War I and World…

  • 1oz Mason Mint Silver Vikings

    as low as $26.70

    The Vikings 1 oz Silver Round (.999 Pure) is one of the most captivating designs ever released by Mason Mint. It not only features a formidable Viking warrior, but also honors the Norse god Odin’s giant entrance hall, Valhalla. The reverse design shows a group of Berserkers setting sail for a battle. We are proud…