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  • 1/10oz 2022 Ghana Gold Alien

    as low as $242.00

    The new design features a foreboding Alien staring into the terrestrial viewer’s soul as he manifests out of a star-gate.  The obverse features a cosmic pattern and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.  Proof versions of Scottsdale’s Alien coins feature green eyes with a specialized coating that is reflective under UV light.  New this year…

  • 1/10oz 2022 Spanish Gold Doubloon Iberian Lynx

    as low as $235.05

    The Iberian Lynx is one of the rarest types of Lynx, mainly occupying the sand dunes and forests of Spain and Portugal. With roughly 1000 left in the world, the Lynx is considered highly endangered. These spotted wild cats mainly feeds on rabbits and hares, while occasionally consuming ducks and fish, too. However, there has…

  • 1/10oz 2023 Somalia Gold Elephant

    as low as $232.05

    The Elephant series of Somalia by the Bavarian State Mint has gained popularity among investors and collectors alike for its evolving and dynamic reverse designs and 9999 Pure Gold content. Known for their intelligence, astounding size and mass, along with unique distinctive tusks, ears, and trunk, the elephant is a worthy feature to the African…

  • 50 Peso 1947 Mexican Gold Coin (Restrike)

    as low as $2,492.85

    These magnificent Mexican 50 Peso Gold coins were first struck in 1921 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mexican independence from Spanish rule. These beautiful coins are some of the heaviest gold coins ever struck for general circulation and are a popular series to collect. As each 50 Peso gold coin contains over 1.2 ounces…

  • Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coin

    as low as $540.97

    Denmark is one of the few European nations that did not adopt the Euro currency of the European Union’s Eurozone. The Kroner is currently the official currency of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, and has been Denmark’s primary currency since 1875. Kroner coinage predates the 1875 adoption of the currency though. Each of the…