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  • 1/10oz 2022 Ghana Gold Alien

    as low as $242.00

    The new design features a foreboding Alien staring into the terrestrial viewer’s soul as he manifests out of a star-gate.  The obverse features a cosmic pattern and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.  Proof versions of Scottsdale’s Alien coins feature green eyes with a specialized coating that is reflective under UV light.  New this year…

  • 1/10oz 2022 Spanish Gold Doubloon Iberian Lynx

    as low as $235.05

    The Iberian Lynx is one of the rarest types of Lynx, mainly occupying the sand dunes and forests of Spain and Portugal. With roughly 1000 left in the world, the Lynx is considered highly endangered. These spotted wild cats mainly feeds on rabbits and hares, while occasionally consuming ducks and fish, too. However, there has…

  • 1oz Scottsdale Gold Archangel

    as low as $2,035.52

    PAMP Suisse and Scottsdale Mint, two of the world’s most respected bullion producers, have collaborated on a new design that has been nearly a year in the making: The Archangel Michael. Meticulous design and precise execution is evident, and this bar is already making its way quickly into safes and vaults around the world.

  • 5g PAMP Am Yisrael Gold Bar

    as low as $433.64

    This newly designed 5 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar is manufactured in Switzerland, and is composed of 5 grams of 999.9% fine gold. The Am Yisrael Chai Bar is one of five bars to be released as part of the PAMP Gold Series, with each uniquely designed in celebration of different religious figures, monuments and…

  • 5g PAMP Gold Diwali Lakshmi Festival of Lights Bar

    as low as $403.64

    Diwali is the most important festival celebrated by followers of Hinduism. This Festival of Lights has various legends associated with it that involve the Hindu gods Rama, Lakshmi and Krishna which all celebrate the victory of good over the evil and wishes for hope, happiness and peace. Lakshmi is perhaps the most popular god during…